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 My Curse Mark :3

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Chibi Bob Nukem
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Ame Jōnin
Chibi Bob Nukem

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PostSubject: My Curse Mark :3   Sat Feb 12, 2011 1:25 am

Name: Tetsu no Metsuryū Mahō (Iron Dragon Slayer)

History: The Mark of the Moon is called such because the seal looks similar to it. The center of the mark is the circle and the crescents of light are radiating off of the moon. This seal was created by Hideaki after several days of non-stop work. This seal has seen no combat, and is almost unknown in the shinobi world. As rumored by Hideaki it is a powerful Curse Seal that fits his style of combat.

Obtained: Patterns and Symbols

Level 1: The crescents radiate off of the seal located on Hideaki's left shoulder blade. The crescents don't touch each other, but stay patterned and close together. They cover almost 90% of Hideaki's body. The crescents grow in size the longer Hideaki maintains the seal threatening to swallow him whole. The first thing to get swallowed are Hideaki's eyes which turn black with gold irises.
- 2x Improved Speed 5 CP
- 1x Improved Duration 2 CP
- 1x Increased Healing 5 CP
- 1x Kinton Affinity 4 CP
16 CP Spent

Level 2: The crescents fully envelop his body turning his whole body black before the transformation takes effect. Hideaki's skin turns porcelain white and his hair turns light gray. His eyes turn the common black with gold irises that the second stage of curse seals commonly do. Hideaki sprouts two appendages from his back during transformation. These appendages look like wings, but are incapable of producing lift. They have a scaled appearance and they are as tough as iron. He also grows a thin five foot long tail that is very sharp on the end. This tail is also scaled and as strong as iron.
- 3x Improved Speed 7.5 CP
- 1x Kinton Affinity 4 CP
- Physical Changes (6.5 for Tail, 5 for Each Fake Wing)
28 CP Spent

Seal Costs:
Lv.1:4+1 Per turn
Lv.2:6+1 Per turn
(Costs stack. Cannot go to Lv.2 without paying Lv.1 cost.)

Time Limit: 8 For First Stage, 4 for in Second Stage. ((Master Sealing Knowledge))

Downsides: After releasing Level 1 Hideaki feels intense pain over the majority of his body. The pain is more severe the longer he had the seal activated. Also due to the increased healing Hideaki's body suffers more from wounds after the release. His blood coagulates at a lesser rate and his body functions less when pained.

After releasing Level 2 Hideaki is incapable of moving quickly without the aid of chakra. His ability to mold Kinton chakra is impossible afterward. The retraction of his tail and wings leave large cuts on his back. The regular pain of releasing a curse seal combined with the physical injuries makes Hideaki almost incapable of combat after releasing his Level 2 seal.

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Ame Genshu
Ame Genshu

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PostSubject: Re: My Curse Mark :3   Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:07 am



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My Curse Mark :3
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