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 Heroes of Ivalice

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Madaraki Sho
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B-class Nukenin
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PostSubject: Heroes of Ivalice   Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:24 pm

Heroes of Ivalice is a fairly old RP that utilizes a systematic approach that is different form more Free-Form RPs, that despite its seemingly complicated appearance has quite a following. Heroes of Ivalice is based on the concepts provided by the original Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1 (Later remade for the PSP as "The War of the Lions"), which also spawned two gameboy games. Tactics focused on politics and people more so than other series, having an overall more philosophical feel than other FF games. Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the best strategy games made, often overshadowed by it's brother FF7. Considered one of Square-Enix's best, anyone who has played will remember it fondly.

Heroes of Ivalice builds off this unique game's premise and does so with a slow but functional pace. While not an RP for those new to it and certainly not one where things happen "Immediately", it gives players alot of opportunity to RP in a world where things happen. In MMOs and other RPs, battles tend to be the focus, with little creativity or Non-combat based importance. Heroes of Ivalice puts more focus on actual RPing. Heroes of Ivalice's pace also makes it easy to manage with other, more fast paced RPs, making it ideal for those who want a certain significance from their writing, yet at the same time want to accomplish their current ventures.

Heroes of Ivalice's community is fun bunch of people, ranging from people familiar to the original tactics to people who have found the site and just thought it looked fun. One thing to remember is that the rules aren't as complicated as they may first seem, and that people there are quite helpful in regards to getting things done. This RP is the longest RP I've been, and the first with actual Text-based RPs that I've done. Heroes of Ivalice is good for those who want to just occasionally check in, and makes it easy for you to get into RPs just for fun.

As some may recall, I'm known as Zeos there. While if you decide to join, its up to you what to do, I'd like to tell you a bit about my own position. In the world of Ivalice, there a variety organizations. Kingdoms, Anti-Demon groups, Churches (For all ye Zealots xD), and of course, Businesses. I work for a group known as "Aurora", who are the leading group on the development of weapons and technologies. A mix of merchant, adventure, and inventing, the Aurora Organization is independent of any sole group and includes a variety of people. The Leader, Clouds, is one of the highest level PCs in the game, and is a respectable and sensible (If someone loose with money) leader. I currently am his protegee. (Meaning if he kicks the bucket, I'm the new Head of Aurora.)

As seen, the artists at HOI are quite capable with gfx, capable of making character pics based off the original artistry of Tactics to give you a unique appearance of your own.

Now, Aurora acts as a research group into ancient technologies (Machinery, Golems, Airships), magical testing (Working with "The Order of Eden), and the creation of weapons. Those affiliated with Aurora get access to a group capable of supplying PCs from the start to finish with the lending of items they created, a "Borrow and earn" system which works quite nicely. But equipping their employees well, they can make sure that they live and succeed, an investment which benefits you as well as them. Now, while other groups do this, none have the resources that Aurora can provide, making many, from Free Officers to Kingdoms, place orders upon their items. In turn, what you can do is merely assist in the creation of new items, which benefits you overall.

Now, as Aurora's future leader I plan on proving that I can handle. In order to do this, I'd like to recruit as many people that I can trust as possible. By joining this site, you get to do a fun RP thats different from the usual idiocy. And by joining Aurora, you get access to resources that other groups lack. Not to mention I look good. Now, anyone interested in the site, and specifically the Aurora Organization, please once registered send me a PM and I will ensure your entry into if you're serious. Also, if you want advice on how to start out, I will be able to assist you in this regard.
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Heroes of Ivalice
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