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 Champions' Lineage ~ Sakka

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PostSubject: Champions' Lineage ~ Sakka   Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:19 am

Welcome fellow members! This is an introduction to Champion's Lineage Custom Role playing Board.

CL Online Rpg occurs in the medieval era where magical technologies are at its peak. The lands of CL is a fantasy world where any kind of mythical and magical creatures reside, legendary artifacts, weapons and gears are hidden, and where heroes battle for glory and wealth.
Kings are born to lead their people, and acquire ressources, power, and territory for the expansion of their own kingdom. You are hereby summoned to choose your hero and lead him to a path of fame and wealth, perhaps making him a king to attain supreme power. But beware, your enemies constantly watch over you, and will seize any occasion to oppose your accent.

CL is a written Role playing game, where a decent vocabulary/grammar usage is expected. Being innovative, Creative and original are attributes that will aid you to your success here. Your character will be given a chance to have an impact on the whole role playing world. What we mean by this is, each character's action might affect the story line and the way the RP goes on CL. Everyone will be given the chance to participate and influence other characters, plots and events.

This is a custom Role playing Board. Most of the story, RP information and events will be created and influenced by the members themselves. Issues about godmodding has bothered us for a while, and considering the freedom allowed on CL Online, Godmod might be a major problem. We have implemented a stat system which will reduce godmodding and open room for strategies and tactics for battles between characters.

Enjoy your stay with us and stay Active!

~ Administration ~ Legendz, Tenchi

This Rpg will soon open. The rules and character sheets are out. The land of Erentia and the History of heroes are still being built up. As you can see, only Tenchi and I are working on the website. However, the Rpg development is advancing swiftly. We have spots for serious, experienced, devoted and skilled members who are willing to join the Moderation Team. I will ask Tenchi to pin this topic and affiliate us. Obviously, we will do the same on CL online. Come check us out.

Champion's Lineage Custom RPG ~ CLICK ME!!

PS FOR MEKURA. hey nerd!! bring your butt on here, I need some serious Staff bro.
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Champions' Lineage ~ Sakka
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