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 Work, work, work.

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Konoha Tokujō
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PostSubject: Work, work, work.   Sun May 30, 2010 6:30 pm

Ketsueki sat at his desk, his hat to his right and jacket on a hanger to his left. A large stack of papers stood for him on his desk looming over him with a menacing feeling. The sunlight shone slightly through the curtains, just to let Ketsueki know if he had been working too long. His mind wandered as he worked on the village's troubles and worries, things from simple pet control to as sever murder in the back streets. He decided to first organize the complaints into groups ranging in importance. Each problem was assigned a shinobi team to take care of the situation. Depending on the team's abilities in contrast to what was needing to be done would determine who would get what.

He was only recently given the job and as such was new to it, in thus he had forgotten something. An aid to do things for him. He was suddenly beginning to get hungry and a bit thirsty, he had no one to call upon to help him with such things. Slouching back in his chair he let out a sigh and spun around a bit before remembering something. The ball with the Taiyo was that very night, with something to look forward to he got down to work. He couldn't allow the papers to build up or he would never have free time after that. He picked up his pen, sat up strait in his chair, and got right down to work giving out mission after mission. His hand flew furiously across each paper giving signatures and putting down numbers and names.

When he had finally finished he rose from his desk and stretched out his arms. It was dusk and when he checked his watch and the time of the ball was coming up. He grabbed his jacket off the coat rack and threw his hat onto his head, centering it into place before leaving. His stride was long and fast, showing his urgency in the situation at hand. His guards wished him a good time as he left the building to which he held up his left hand. Soon he would be to the party and the fun would begin.
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Work, work, work.
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