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 Culling Weeds

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Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin

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PostSubject: Culling Weeds   Mon May 31, 2010 6:22 am

It was just another day for Kiyo. A normal peaceful day. No agitations, no stress. Yes, he was satisfied. Even as he went to work on his new assignment, he was happy. Most genin in his place would wine and moan, but not Kiyo. No, he found harmony in what he did. His job wasn't monotonous, he received respect, didn't have to fear the whip if he failed. Such tranquility.

When the big genin got to the hospital he was shown into the botanical garden. The medic nin looked at him suspiciously. The last genin they assigned to this job yelled and did a sloppy job. The garden looked very large. When one thinks that he has to pass every inch of it he gets dishearted from the very start. But Kiyo didn't look ahead. He looked right before him and with typical gusto knelt over and got to work.

The medic nin was surprised. He hadn't received the reaction he had expected, but didn't entirely let go of his doubts ether. He would come later with the usual 'damage control' unit. All genin started out well, but the frustration got to them all after an hour. Why did the administration even bother sending genin? Haven't they realized by now that this job needs a steadier hand, a chuunin. The medic nins always had to clean up after the runts have their way with the precious garden. It would be better if they didn't send them at all.

* * * 1 hour later * * *

The medic nin stopped by the garden with the usual crew. It was just about the time they usually found a cursing irritated genin, doing more damage than good. To their surprise, the garden was silent. The medic nin made a face. Well this was a first, no genin had ever actually left the garden mid way unannounced. he was just about to set foot inside when a head popped out from behind some rows. The big sweaty genin just gave them a grin and a wave then disappeared again.

The skeptical medic nin became the amazed medic nin. He retreated, but he'd be back. He didn't believe any genin could do this job just right.

* * * 3 hour later * * *

The medic nin came back to the botanical garden. Surely the assigned genin would be at his wits end by now. And typically, he'd have to take over and finish his job for him.

As expected, the genin wasn't there and he wasn't hiding behind a row of plans this time ether. But that was not all. The place was in tip top shape, better than ever before. The uprooted weeds were neatly stacked on a pile. Everything was where it was suppose to. The other plants had not been damaged like they usually do.

The large genin had been fast, efficient, careful and most important of all, he had done it with a smile on his face. The job had been done better than
when a whole crew of medic nins did it.

For the first time ever when locking up the garden after a genin was assigned to it, the medic nin smiled.
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Culling Weeds
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