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 Bleach Dynasty [Link Back]

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PostSubject: Bleach Dynasty [Link Back]   Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:21 am

The fall of Hueco Arca, was a tragedy for most, but for a certain race, it was a blessing.

Inside Hueco arca was a hidden power that everyone wanted to get a hold of, the Animo Eterno (Eternal Soul)

Way back into the past, Freya, the Witch queen successfully found Lian, the previous host of Animo Eterno. Animo Eterno is a a limitless, eternal soul vessel, capable of storing souls from within ones body. Animo Eterno is the only tool needed to resurrect the legendary Dark Lord.

((For more info about Rise of the dark lord Arc read this))

But in its failure, Lian vanished, and no one knew if she lived through that day or died. But living through the hueco arca tragedy, it would appear that she lived.

Lian restored the balance in place of her own life. With it, resurrected an angry race of Hollows. It was war yet again.

The Vizards never got there masks back that day, as to weather they will get it back or not, its up for the new generation to decide.

Recent Events Links:
Memory Leech Arc
Old World Arc
Hueco Arca Arc

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Bleach Dynasty [Link Back]
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