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 D-rank pest control

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Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin

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PostSubject: D-rank pest control   Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:38 pm


Today was already getting him mad, waking up to find he had to do another d ranked mission instead of a higher ranked one. What made it worse was in the distance a palace could be seen but no he would be helping out people that lived somewhat near the palace. It wasn't even on the same street of the palace so he wouldn't officially get to see it. Instead he had to travel along this long dirt covered road. The road wasn't so bad he just wished he could have gone through the forest. It wasn't a complete waste of time he would still get to capture a animal even though it was request for it to be killed. That was to cruel in fact he would simply close the entrance it comes in and let it go somewhere else.

Now approaching the house it wasn't that bad in fact, it was taller than almost all of the other buildings and almost a decent size compared to the palace. He knocked on the door for someone to answer instead of barging in. A lady not much taller than kajuri with long black hair answered the door and gave a motion to come in not even checking if he was a criminal or not. Once inside he could see the rest of the family which wasn't as much as he thought. It was a man also with black hair but short and two twin boys with short black hair like their dad. This looked like a typical family which he wished he had.

The lady was the first to talk" We will let you stay one night as that should be all the time you need". "thank you that is all the time I need". Now all's he had to do was wait till the night time for the raccoon to come and capture it somehow. While he waited he got a clear plastic box and put holes in it with a container to trap the raccoon. He also gathered up a hammer, wood and some nails to seal the location back up it had come in from. So to pass the time he slept till it got around 9'o'clock when it had been seen. At nine he had been walking around the house to see when it would come out. As he turned the corner he could see the coon slip into the house but the hole wasn't seen earlier.

When he went over the hole could easily be seen going under the house but why didn't he notice it until he got a second look. No matter the fact he ran inside to find the raccoon near the garbage so quickly he picked it up and of course it fought back.With the other hand he threw it in the container and closed it so it couldn't escape. Just in case he took out some metallic wire and wrapped it around the container so it couldn't get out no matter how hard it tried. Now for the easy part to close the hole back up and leave so he wouldn't have to kill the coon. It was a good thing he left the hammer and stuff near the shed which wasn't that far away.

Quickly he sealed it back up with the raccoon in site so he couldn't get hurt or escape. Sealing the hole was easy but now he had to quickly get away or there would be trouble. He spent a few hours getting to the edge of the forest with the container still being carried. He opened it and let the raccoon free into the wild. He had left a note for the people that had hired him.

To whom this may concern,

I have captured the raccon and killed it just as you have asked. I also sealed the hole up that it had been coming in through so no more of this should be happening again. No need to worry you payed me when I got there so I decided to leave tonight so I could get back IN time to sleep and get back up to do another mission.

The ninja you hired

The letter had been written bad but it didn't matter much to him as long as they believed it and so far so good. He had not been followed or anything so he quickly got back to his room and went to sleep. When he woke up he saw only a raccoon in the dark corner sitting there sleeping. Kajuri let it be for it had caused him no trouble in fact he saved its life.

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D-rank pest control
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