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 Don't Look Down

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PostSubject: Don't Look Down   Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:47 pm

“Okay. So maybe I wasn’t expecting to repair a building THIS big.”

“You offered kid.”

Kiwa Arechi pulled at the collar of her jacket and gulped. She looked up at huge building-no, skyscraper, and couldn’t help but feel like a idiot for volunteering to do this. She had been hired all the way out here in the Industrial Block, a place that she usually avoided. Mostly because of the pollution around here, but it was far more upper class compared to the slums. Made her realize just how dirt broke she really was. She made okay money being a ninja, and she got a small place to live, but it’s not like she ever stayed there to begin with.

The building constructor patted her on the back a little bit to hard, causing her to stumble forward. The next thing she knew, a hardhat was placed on her head, a bucket of tools shoved into her arms, and the man was pushing her towards the make-shift construction site. She almost dug her heels into the ground. She was not looking forward to this. She gulped for what felt like the seventh time today.

“Alright kid, are you listening?” She gave a weak nod to the repair man in front of her. She followed his finger as he pointed upwards at one section of the building. Yeah. She could see the damage. The mission summary was correct, the metal plating was threatening to fall off in one section. Of course, it seemed like that section was right towards the top of the building. Kiwa frowned and felt her stomach drop.

“Now, we got one of those lifts that can take you up to that floor. Usually the lift is used to clean windows, but it’ll have to be used for repairs today. All you have to do is go up there, scrape of the metal that is all black and charred. Cause that’s the stuff that’s going to chip off, fall down, and hurt somebody. Got it?”

Kiwa frowned. She gave a weak thumbs up and turned her gaze over to the small lift that was being set up. It looked like a small metal box that was being lifted by small white strings. Oh god. She was going to die. She could feel it. One of those strings would snap and Kiwa would plummet to her death. Then someone would have to scrape her off the side walk.

“Is that thing safe?” She asked slowly. The repairman only laughed, and started pushing her again. This time, she did dig her heels into the ground, but that didn’t stop him from shoving her rather roughly into the death trap. It was obvious that he was used to dealing with male workers.

“It’s perfectly safe. Besides, can’t your ninjas walk up walls?”

Before Kiwa could respond, the next thing she knew, the lift shot upwards at shocking speeds. She gasped, grasping onto the metal railing for dear life.
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PostSubject: Re: Don't Look Down   Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:51 pm


“I’m going to die.” Kiwa repeated this sentence several times over and over and over again in her head. Okay, Kiwa had just come to terms with something very important. The fact that she was apparently scared of heights. Like, really, really scared of heights. She glanced down. Oh god she felt dizzy. Why did she look down?! People never look down. She should know that by now. She could see it now, her slipping or falling of this stupid lift and smashing against the concrete. She grimaced, her grip on the metal railing increasing.

“I feel sick.” She muttered. Wait. What was that? Kiwa perked up at the sound of a soft beeping sound. The heck was that? She turned her head, glancing inside the tool bucket. A walkie-talkie! Thank you god! She grasped the device with shaky hands. She clicked the receive button and set her ear next to the speaker. She needed something to keep her distracted. The more she thought about how high she was, the worse it would get.

“You alright kid? From down here you look kind of pale. Something up with the lift?”

“No. Just a little shaken up. I’ve never been this high up before…” Kiwa trailed off, and slowly removed a scrapper from the bucket. She balanced the device on her shoulder and slowly started to work. Chipping away small fragments of the charred metal into another empty bucket that was on the lift.

“ Just keep working alright? Faster you work, the faster you can leave, got it?”

“Yeah yeah. I know old man.” Kiwa replied. The guy had a point. She shut off the talking device and tossed it back into the bucket with the flip of a wrist. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work, trying to forget that she was several dozen feet above the ground. It felt more like hundreds, but that was probably an exaggeration.

She could already tell that even if she rushed, that she’d be stuck here for awhile. Like, a long time. This stuff was stubborn to remove. Stupid lightning. Stupid rain. She muttered a swear under her breath. This was the last time she’d ever take a repair job for a mission. That was for sure.

The genin gave a sigh of relief as she removed a rather large chunk of the metal from the building. If chunks like that came off, then she’d be done in no time.

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PostSubject: Re: Don't Look Down   Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:55 pm


“Alright. I think I’m finished. Bring me down. Slowly.” Kiwa responded into the walkie talkie as the last shard of metal was scrapped into the now very heavy bucket. The genin sighed, wiping away a bead of sweat from her forehead. She waited for a response. Looks like she came to terms with her little fear. Well, she wasn’t really thinking about it. So maybe that was why. She had been up here for what? She checked her watch. Three hours. That’s a good chunk of her day wasted.

“Err. We got a problem.” Kiwa’s eyes widened. Did he just say they had a problem? Before she could really process just what might be wrong, the lift seemed to drop from beneath her. She could distinctly hear the sound of ropes breaking. Oh hell no. She did the first thing that registered in her head. She screamed. Like, a little girl scream that Kiwa would never scream like in a million years. She dropped the bucket that she had been holding, and felt gravity take effect, dragging her down at a sharp rate towards the ground.

Oh god damn it. Kiwa growled under her breath. She was a ninja, what the hell was wrong with her?! She focused chakra into her hands, and grasped the sides of the building desperately. Her nails scratching against the concrete. She rammed her feet against the wall, focusing chakra into them as well. She swore as she was dragged downwards still. At a slower rate, but still falling. She closed her eyes, focusing more chakra. Maybe she could slow herself down even further.

The crashing sound beneath her made her open her eyes and glance over her shoulder. The lift had shattered into the ground, reducing it to nothing but rubble. She slowly slid to a stop, her chakra finally managing to halt her decent. Of course, by the time she stopped, she had already fallen down half the length of the building. She gulped, clinging to the wall with a death grip as her heart hammered against her chest. Well, this was better then being smashed against the concrete like a bug.

“Okay Kiwa. You can do this.” Se muttered under her breath, and began the slow process of climbing down the building. It was kind of like rock climbing. Except if she cancelled her chakra, she’d die. She didn’t look down, she kept all of her attention focused on the wall she clung too. She muttered countless swears under her breath as she continued down.

Needless to say, this was probably going to be the last time she ever took this mission again. Finally, when she was close enough to the ground, she let go, and landed several feet away from the wreak. She held up a hand when the same constructor ran her way. Kiwa fell to her knees.

“Sweet ground. Sweet, sweet ground.”
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PostSubject: Re: Don't Look Down   

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Don't Look Down
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