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 Twilight Falls (Pokemon RP)

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PostSubject: Twilight Falls (Pokemon RP)   Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:19 am

The year is 2078.....

Traveling pokemon regions has become almost obsolete. Why? Professors had gone to a large conference held at Unnova. They decided that trainers were simply not ready to travel around the world at the age of ten. They decided that they were to unexperienced and needed proper training.

Principal Whitaker came in. She too was at this conference. She decided to open up a large academy off the coast of Unnova that would act as a Pokemon region and teach young students the value of Pokemon.

Twilight Falls soon opened on a large island, It was slightly smaller than Kanto and had many places to travel. Soon applications were coming from all over the world and soon the school population was over 300. Principal Whitaker decided that once students graduated they would be able to travel the world and challenge the many gyms around and enter the pokemon league.

That doesn't mean there isn't trouble. Occasionally a pokemon hunter's application comes in, or students simply become evil. There are many adventures awaiting you. Don't be afraid.....

Come join the fun at twilight falls academy.

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Twilight Falls (Pokemon RP)
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