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 Joukaiden [Cont, Private]

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Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin

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PostSubject: Joukaiden [Cont, Private]   Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:29 pm

He stepped down with a smile on his face. The air was damp, fresh with rain and hinting at more to come. Looking up, the sky did not betray as covered by dark gray storm clouds ready to pounce on their first chance to pour down and eliminate the dryness of the air. The male looked around, knowing that he was well out of Konoha's territory now, and there would no doubt be a border checkpoint at least somewhat nearby. He could only hope that Ame's border checkpoint would work at least somewhat like Konoha's own and he could pass it off as being a normal civilian. After all, he hadn't been inducted as the Hokage yet, so if he was luckier no one would recognize him.

For once, Rairyuu Kaito was lucky to an extent.

Of course it didn't help that he ended up walking into someone.

"Name, occupation and business in rain country." It was half an hour before he had finally got to the front of the line, the man he had bumped into had given him a sneer as the man passed through the border patrol. Stepping up to the booth the man glanced at him and spoke. Mulling it over for a second he spoke with a smile.

"Rairyuu Kaito, Konoha shinobi and casual travel." Kaito gave a large smile to the man as the man looked up from his paper to get a closer look at him. The man scoffed and spoke again in response.

"What proof do you have? where's your headband?" Kaito leaned his head back in laughter as the man spoke. Lifting up his shirt he showed the symbol of Konohagakure's ANBU tattooed on his left bicep.

"Wearing a headband is inefficient. People notice it a lot easier." The man stared at Kaito with a blank look, but soon replaced with a look of confusion and fear, there weren't any ninja nearby. Taking a deep breath he opened the gate and motioned him across, smiling and nodding he walked past the gate and moved on, the guard looked at him seriously and spoke one last time.

"Be careful out there, the Amegakure shinobi will be watching you, and your visit will be reported to the village." Kaito simply nodded and chuckled lightly while he walked through Ame no kuni.

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Ame Genshu
Ame Genshu

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PostSubject: Re: Joukaiden [Cont, Private]   Fri Jan 07, 2011 11:36 am

“Oy! Konoha Ninja!” A voice suddenly called out to Kaito as he passed through the border check point. A chunin by rank apparently. The ninja grasped onto the Hokage's arm, not violently, but to just catch his attention. The Chunin of course had no idea that Kaito was a Kage, but that didn't really matter at the moment.

“Congrats, you just earned yourself with a meeting with the Genshu.” And with that, the chunin gave a small tug and literally began to drag Kaito through the crowds of people.

“I'll be your little escort to Ame, so follow me and don't do anything stupid, alright? We got squads moving through this territory and they don't know you've been selected for a hearing.” And with that, the chunin began to lead the Kage straight towards Ame.

( It is 7 in the morning. I cannot be expected to write decent posts and or come up with catchy ideas. D< )
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Joukaiden [Cont, Private]
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