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PostSubject: Es ist Zeit!   Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:42 am

Hideaki wasn't sure what just happened. He was sitting back in his apartment in Ame, eating some find ramen and dumplings before suddenly everything changed. It what seemed like a puff of smoke Hideaki fell onto his back in a leafy forest. The trees were so thick that little sunlight made it down. The green haired jounin looked around him revealing nothing to work with at first glance. His eyes scanned the area around him revealing mostly trees until his eyes hit a large cave. Hideaki jumped to his feet rather quickly now.

"I'm at the Mongoose Den?," he spoke aloud.

"Of course you are," A booming voice echoed out of the cave. A small mongoose that walked on two legs that looked like it had a gray beard even though its fur was brown. It hobbled back into the cave, but the source of the voice began to come out of the cave. It was a massive mongoose twice as tall as Hideaki and twice as long as it was tall. He had long brown fur that covered the majority of its body. He had a long scar over his left eye and a notable slit in his left nostril. To think something could hurt a beast of this scale is amazing. He had deep hazel eyes that stared down at Hideaki longing for the human to say something.

"Kenichirou!" Hideaki stated, "Why have I been summoned?"

Kenichirou chuckled loudly, "Quite cocky for a small one. Just because you have a contract with us does not mean you can order me around."

Hideaki felt a sweat drop go down the back of his neck, "I meant nothing of it, I'm just a little shaken."

"As expected. We've summoned you because I have heard of your work to gain Kenhachirou's and Kengorou's trust. They've spoken rather highly of you. Kengorou even says how much he enjoys that lack of summoning you often do for him. You and I both know how lazy that one can be. I will not lecture you on your decisions," Kenichirou cleared his throat, "Hideaki, I consider you well enough acquainted with our family to give you a chance to gain one of the more powerful mongoose's trust."

Hideaki was visibly excited. He was obviously hoping that he got a chance to prove himself to Kenichirou.

"It's not me young one, not yet," Hideaki slumped a little,"But you will be attempting to gain the trust of my own daughter, Kenakiko."

Hideaki's eyes widened when Kenichirou revealed who he would be getting to know better. He wondered if there was another mongoose as large as Kenichirou. This lead him to wonder how big his daughter must be. Hideaki pushed these thoughts aside as he felt it would benefit him to thank Kenichirou.

"Thank you Kenichirou," Hideaki said boldly, "I will do my fullest to not disappoint you."

Kenichirou lifted his head a bit, "I thought you would say something like that. That's why you're our contract holder. Aki, get out here!"

Another mongoose walked out of the cave. She was rather stunning for a mongoose. Hideaki was no furry, but he could see that she would be held as a high prize amongst the mongooses. Her fur was a solid black in color, but her tail was a spectrum of colors. It started at a dark brown and made it's way to white. It was an amazing gradient from black to white. She held herself strongly with an air of superiority around her.

"Is this the human daddy" Kenakiko asked.

Kenichirou nodded. Kenakiko walked over to Hideaki and made a few circles around him. Hideaki kept his eyes on her most of the time. She seemed to be studying him. He wasn't sure what she might be looking for.

She stopped in front of Hideaki and looked at his eyes, "You're rather unequipped for a shinobi. Are you a reject or something?"

Kenichirou spoke before Hideaki could, "We summoned him without informing him for that purpose. These must be his casual clothes."

These were Hideaki's casual clothes. He was wearing a usual black sleeveless shirt along with his black shinobi pants. They were rather comfortable. He was even lacking his headband because he didn't need to wear it in his home. This also mean all of his ninja tools along with his sword were left at his apartment. Hideaki hoped there wasn't a fight because he wasn't sure if he could pull it off with just jutsu.

"I guess he'll do daddy," Kenakiko said, "Let me test him myself alone."

Hideaki wondered what this could mean. Again he hoped she wasn't going to get him into a fight or something. She began walking away from them, after taking a few steps she turned toward him and motioned for him to follow. Hideaki began walking after her letting her lead by a few steps.


Kenakiko had walked for nearly an hour away from the mongoose den with Hideaki following before she spoke a word. She came to a complete stop. She turned abruptly and attempted to hit Hideaki with her colorful tail. He wasn't sure if this would hurt or not but he avoided it nonetheless. She gave him a scowl and growled loudly.

"Daddy talked about you. He knows your fighting style and your abilities. He wants me to be your summon because he feels that someone with Raiton chakra other than that little puss Kenhachirou would come in handy for you. I don't think someone who can handle an element is worth allying with. I'm going to beat you senseless and leave you here to rot. You don't deserve to be with the mongooses."

Hideaki maintained a dead serious expression, "You know what you're saying means right? What I might have to do to you to defend myself."

Kenakiko gave a bark of sorts, "Of course I do! A pathetic human such as yourself has no chance against someone who has noble blood and heritage!"

Hideaki grimaced as Kenakiko began her attack. Her fur stood on end bristling with electricity as her chakra began flowing. Hideaki knew this was going to be a tough fight. Perhaps Kenichirou knew his daughter wouldn't stand for serving Hideaki. This was a test, and Hideaki planned to pass it. Kenakiko fired a large burst of electricity into the air. Hideaki followed it briefly before Kenakiko leaped forward planning to take his head off with her claws. He ducked quickly and moved to the left. Just as Hideaki's foot hit the ground he could feel the electricity in the air. He focused chakra into his legs and made a quick dash out of the way as the lightning bolt slammed into the ground.

Kenakiko turned quickly and opened her mouth. Electricity arced across her jaws as a missile made of electricity launched out of her mouth. It flew straight toward Hideaki. He had only a few moments before it collided with him. He made a quick series of handsigns before lowering himself toward the ground. A large metal shield rose out of the ground in between him and the missile. The missile hit the shield. It only lasted a few moments before it ripped through the barrier. Hideaki felt the electricity surge into him as it flew past him. His muscles locked up as he watched his punctured shield fire off electricity and fall into the ground.

Hideaki's eyes widened as Kenakiko lunged at him planning to pin him down. He tried to move, but his legs refused to move. Kenakiko pounced on Hideaki and growled in his face. He gritted his teeth as he could feel more electricity surging into his body. Pushing pain aside he kicked Kenakiko. She yelped as she moved off of Hideaki. Hideaki jumped to his feet breathing heavily. Kenakiko glared at him for several seconds.

"Ssssso the princesssss of the mongoosssessss is by lonesssssome?"

A large purple snake leaped out of the bushes. It wrapped its body around Kenakiko. It had black eyes that seemed soulless with a yellow slit in them. It squeezed tightly causing Kenakiko to yelp loudly.

"Aw isssss thisssss to tight for you?"

The snake smirked as it thought it had caught one of the best mongooses without any competition. He was sorely mistaken. The snake hissed loudly as the back of its head and neck were shredded. It turned abruptly to see Hideaki with an open mouth. It looked at a nearby tree to see several senbon piercing the tree. Hideaki made more handsigns and put a hand on the ground. A large five foot long spear rose out of the ground made of solid steel. It had a natural appearance to it, but it still shined. Hideaki held it in his right hand.

"Let her go if you value your life snake," Hideaki said.

The snake looked at its prey and back at Hideaki. It squeezed even tighter before releasing Kenakiko. She laid flat on the ground breathing heavily. Hideaki hoped she didn't have any internal damage. The snake slithered around the ground. It's body was easily over twenty feet long. Hideaki was worried, but he knew if he could kill his own snake that he would gain some reputation with the mongooses.

"Prepare to die inssssect," The snaked hissed before lashing out.

Hideaki jumped to the side as he lashed out with the spear. The snake backed off for a moment. Hideaki held out his left hand as a swirling ball of water spun in his hand. The snake didn't consider the water a threat and lunged at Hideaki once again. The jounin used his speed to get under the snake and slam the sphere into the bottom of the snakes jaw. The snakes head lifted up several feet and it pulled back. Several of its scales were smashed inwardly by the sphere. The snake hissed loudly as it felt the pain of two wounds. The soulless eyes showed no signs of defeat. It planned to keep attacking until Hideaki was dead.

The jounin kept his eyes aligned with the snake. The snake refused to break eye contact. Then the snake began shaking its head wildly for several seconds before looking at Hideaki with eyes willed with hate.

"You dirty human!" The snake yelled.

Kenakiko wasn't sure what had happened, but Hideaki and the snake definitely knew. Hideaki had cast a small genjutsu that showed an image of the snake suffering a grievous wound. This wound would kill the snake no doubt. The snake was obviously infuriated by Hideaki's genjutsu. It lunged forward wildly. Hideaki threw his spear in hopes of hitting the snake. The snake veered out of the spears path leaving an unarmed Hideaki to get hit by the snake. It attempted to bite down on Hideaki. The green haired jounin grabbed two of the snake's fangs and held on for dear life. The snake tried to bite down, but found that he could not.

"That's checkmate vermin"

The snake's eyes scanned the area rapidly looking for the source of the voice. Hideaki stood leaning against a tree. The snake's eyes looked at the former shinobi caught in it's mouth. It looked like Hideaki with a dark gray brown color all over. The snake tried to pull away, but the bunshin of Hideaki held on tightly. It weighed twice as much as Hideaki did and had an incredible grip when it turned into a statue. It's eyes widened as it thought back to Hideaki's genjutsu. That was it's last thought as the clone burst into a large lotus. The snake's head was shredded to bits as the petals of the lotus sliced through it's head multiple times.

The snake's lifeless body laid on the ground next to the metal lotus flower with legs. Hideaki closed his eyes as he didn't want to look at the carnage anymore. He walked over to Kenakiko and knelled next to her.

"Are you alright?" Hideaki asked.

The female mongoose stared at Hideaki with a new found respect before falling back to her usual personality. She grunted as she picked herself up.

"I'm fine. Let's go back," Kenakiko said.

Kenakiko walked forward and Hideaki followed behind her. She refused to look back at Hideaki. Hideaki smirked as he thought about how Kenakiko must be a tsundere. Sucks for whatever mongoose tries to court her.


The two walked back up to the large cave in the thick forest. Kenakiko was breathing heavily as she suffered from her wounds with the snake after that long walk. Hideaki would've helped her in some way, but she was much larger than Hideaki. Kenichirou walked out of the cave and looked down at both of them. Kenakiko may be bigger than most mongooses Hideaki had seen, she still had a long way to go before she was as big as her dad. Kenakiko looked at Hideaki before speaking.

"I guess this human is alright. He'll do. I'll serve under him,"
Kenakiko said.

Hideaki wanted to say something to her, but she walked back into the cave before Hideaki could. He looked up at Kenichirou who was smiling like a mongoose would. The large mongoose lowered himself close to Hideaki's level.

"I knew my daughter would come to like you. I hope she didn't give you too much trouble," Kenicirou said.

The large mongoose lifted himself back up before turning around and walking back into his den. It took several moments for Kenichirou to make it all the way back into his cave. Hideaki watched him until he completely disappeared into the cave. The green haired shinobi was so focused on Kenichirou that he almost didn't notice the small bearded mongoose next to him. Before Hideaki could say a word he was gone in a puff of smoke. He was back in his apartment in front of his ramen and dumplings. They were long cold after his long trip with the mongooses. He sighed and decided it was best to go ahead and eat it.

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