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     Higure Saga

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    PostSubject: Higure Saga   Wed Jan 26, 2011 2:06 pm

    Higure Saga

    Many aeons ago a great ninja, the dark ninja, emerged from nowhere only to enter the early shinobi world as the greatest more well known shinobi at the time. He was known as the world’s best taijutsu master able to defeat all other Nin, gen, ken, fuuinjutsu masters that dared to challenge him, he reigned throughout the lands for over half a century before his tragic death. Many people who were jealous of or hated his power were glad to hear of his demise whilst others saw him as a hero and an inspiration; although this legend was dead he would be known for years to come.

    Centuries later when there was only the three major villages an outcast from the Kiri village, a strong ninja decided that he had had enough of his village duties, was getting sick of the current Mizukage and became the first ever shinobi to leave his village after assassinating the village leader all in one night. The dangerous ninja then went on to found his very own ‘village’, he called it Amegakure but its residence wasn’t based on Ame village members, in fact the majority of the village members were all missing ninja from other villages who had found themselves requiring a place to hide out.

    Skip forward a few million years and you will find yourself in the present time. So far there have been no major wars between the villages. Although there have been many numerous rumours of an ancestor of the dark ninja that once ruled the lands ages ago, rumour is that there have been many generations in the bloodline of the dark ninja and there have been sightings of a ninja with great abilities similar to his great ancestor.


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    Higure Saga
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