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 Bleach: Forbidden Gates

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PostSubject: Bleach: Forbidden Gates   Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:54 am

Bleach: Forbidden Gates

"Take heed my brothers; for if we start this great war and leave it unfinished, the world will judge our worth. Pray we are favored, for the damned shall face their fate in the form of two great gates. They will take the world for their own and all who witness the meeting of these too great omens shall see the worlds fall." -Captain Commander Ayuta of the first Captains Meeting.

There was once a time where this prophecy held meaning to the shinigami, to all races in fact. Its what drove the war between the hollows and shinigami for so very long. But generation after generations of fighting has dulled the memory of Captain Commander Ayuta's words. The great war that was once fought to set the world straight has turned into a match of pride, unimportant and meaningless. Hollows consuming shinigami, shinigami slaying hollows, and humans caught somewhere within the mix to fend for themselves. One always fights the other, peace and order is never obtained by either side. The rise of the Vizard showed promise to end the fighting, but their banishment from Soul Society robbed all hope of ending the war. The birth of the Arrancar gave favor to the hollows, nearly ending it once and for all. Sadly, it did not and again the world enters a state of limbo. The noble Quincy tried their hand at ending the war, but their arrogance nearly lead to their extinction. The humans also try to find their place in the world as fullbringers, a race that could have prevented the prophecy from becoming reality. They were too late though, the earth has already judged the souls of the worlds. The Gates of Nero and Virgil are soon to be awakened, it is only a matter of time now until the world is born anew.

The Arrancar have just started to amass their armies once more and another fight seems on the horizon. Centuries of defeat have made their will strong and unmoving. They will seek to completely eliminate the shinigami, with the Hollow King leading the assault. From his fortress Los Noches, he shall strike at the shinigami with wit and brawn. Shinigami have seemed to enter a new era of peace amongst them, just coming out of a 10 year rebellion that was silenced only 5 years ago. The Captain Commander, a man of true worth, has heard rumors of the posing threat of the Arrancar. He promises to keep his people safe and to meet the arrancar head on. The Captains support the cause with enthusiasm and have vowed to keep the peace, the rest of Soul Society cheers them on. The banished Vizard clench to the shadows of the world of the living, living in hiding and just trying to survive. Some wish to seek others out but have had little luck so far. their future holds promise though. The Quincy hold onto their heritage in peace, not seeking to fight but doing what must be done. They have slowly begun to repopulate again for the first time in centuries. The new breed, Fullbringers, have yet to discover their true potential. Thrown into the war, they have yet to find their heading as well as each other. They may yet prove the world is worth saving.

The year is 2011, the coming year is said to bring the end of days. Those days start now. With a simple act, the world will slowly start to change. The day when all the wind around the world suddenly dies forever. What happens next...has yet to reveal itself....


  • Cannon Free Site
  • Member Influenced Plot!
  • Fullbringer race!
  • Looking for staff positions!
  • Brand new site, All positions Open; including Captain Commander AND Hollow King!
  • Unique Plot Twists and challenges as a result of Plot changes!
  • Special Boss attacks every month!
  • Death is not always the end! Members may be sent to "Jade" to have a second chance at life!

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Bleach: Forbidden Gates
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