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 Guide: Ranks

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Madaraki Sho
B-class Nukenin
B-class Nukenin

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PostSubject: Guide: Ranks   Mon Oct 19, 2009 10:23 pm


These are the ranks as according to Jōkaiden.

Academy Student: Not really a rank. When you sign up on the forum and haven't been accepted yet, this is your rank. It goes up to Genin after you get accepted. It's there for novelty's sake.

Genin/D-class Nukenin: The basic level ninja. Typically, your in a team with two other Genin led by a Jōnin or Chūnin. You get a headband. Typically, your anywhere from nine to thirteen years old when at this rank.

    Jutsu: A limit of 15, four of which are C-rank. You may request 1 B-rank technique.
    Jutsu Points: 50.
    Bonus JP: 50.

Chūnin/C-class Nukenin: Those individuals who are experienced enough in either battle or in pure skill are promoted to Chūnin. A special flak jacket is given to all Chūnin, and said flak jacket is different depending on the Hidden Village you are part of.

    Jutsu: Limit of 25, four of which can be B-rank.
    Jutsu Points: 60.
    Bonus JP: 65.

ANBU Chūnin/B-class Nukenin: An exceptionally talented Chūnin who, while not technically a Jōnin, exhibits skills and abilities which make them almost as powerful as one. ANBU Chūnin are given a brand as according to their village, as well as a animal mask and a uniform to wear. ANBU units typically use codenames to maintain privacy of their civilian status.

    Jutsu: Limit of 30, three of which can be A-rank.
    Jutsu Points: 30.
    Bonus JP: 75.

Tokubetsu (Tokujō): A Tokubetsu Jōnin (often called Tokujō for short) are Jōnin who, instead of having an even distribution of their skills, specialize in one certain skill. This could be tracking, interrogating, etc.

    Jutsu: Limit of 35, one of which is a S-rank.
    Jutsu Points: 55.
    Bonus JP: 90.

Jōnin/A-class Nukenin: The best of the best. Few ninja ever possess the skill and ability to become Jōnin, and thus, Chūnin are much more common. The rare cases that do however, are revered among their peers. You typically will lead a team of three Genin, or are sent on dangerous and risky missions that require the full use of your skill as a ninja.

    Jutsu: 40, two of which can be S-rank.
    Jutsu Points: 65.
    Bonus JP: 90.

ANBU Jōnin: Among the best of the best, are those who are godly among others. The trials of ninja life and the understanding of what it means to be a ninja is second-nature to those Jōnin in the ANBU.

    Jutsu: 45, three of which can be S-rank.
    Jutsu Points: 30.
    Bonus JP: 100.

Sennin/S-class Nukenin: Renowned for skill and ability, a Sennin is chosen by the people, for the people. Each Hidden Village has three Sennin. Said Sennin usually trained under or worked alongside the Kage of their village.

A S-class Nukenin is the rouge ninja that all Nukenin desire to be. High treason and generically being a disgusting human being with no morals grants you the rank of S-class. Sure, you may have power, but you'll be hunted down to the end of the earth.

    Jutsu: 45, six of which can be S-rank.
    Jutsu Points: 70.
    Bonus JP: 110.

Kage: Congratulations. You are now a god among mortals. Among the ninja world, there are only five leaders considered Kage--these are Hokage, Kazekage, Raikage, Tsuchikage, and Mizukage. However, there are leaders of other Hidden Villages who are not part of these five who are in their own right, "Unoffical Kage." Simply, they have power equal to that of any of the main five, though is viewed official as such and not referred to by the other Kages. Rarely if ever will you leave your village if you are of this rank.

    Jutsu: 50, ten of which can be S-rank.
    Jutsu Points: 50.
    Bonus JP: 110.

Whenever a character gets a new rank, he or she will get the Jutsu Points from that rank. If the character manages to go up two ranks, he will get the Jutsu Points from his new rank, plus the rank that he passed by.

Remember, Bonus JP DO NOT STACK. You get the Jutsu Points from all the ranks you've passed up to the one you have, and THEN you add the Bonus for the rank your at.
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Guide: Ranks
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